Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How to Make Women Miss You

Dating Tips - How to Make Women Miss You

There are a lot of dating tips out there that are great. However, most of them are missing a huge point. How to make women miss you and be attracted to you even if you aren't around them, this is what you are going to find out.
Making a woman miss you isn't a sadistic act; on the contrary, it's making her like you and appreciate you more.
As said before, many people are talking about some amazing dating tips, but they neglect this amazing power men have over women:
Making them wish you were with them, making her miss you.
To make a woman attracted to you and care about you, she has to miss you.
· The first thing you have to do in these dating tips to make women miss you badly is to be entertaining
You can't make a woman miss you if you are dull as a rock.
That's a fact.
What do women want from men?
A friend of mine explained a great thing to me in the past about women, he told me that if you look deeply into women's lives, you are going to notice something very strange:
Women are highly bored.
That was a big revelation to me.
Women are bored everyday of their lives, they are bored at work, they are bored in the transportations, they are bored when eating....
Statistically speaking, there are more depression cases in women than in men.
Guess what will happen if you become entertaining to women?
They will go crazy for you; you are going to become the sunshine of their winter.
You can go now and look into women's personals; you are going to notice the same thing:
Nearly all women are looking for fun in guys.
And let me remind you that fun is the contrary of boring.
To become entertaining to women, you have to start discussing the subjects women are interested in: love, relationships, phycology, nutrition, dieting, other people's lives...
And the best subject you can discuss with women is: noting in particular, just talking and listening to them.
Women love guys who are able to listen to them and empathies with them.
· The second thing you have to do in these dating tips to make woman miss you badly is disappear
Yes, you have to disappear in order for women to start missing you.
Don't read this and leave the country, quite your job, burn your home and take a new identity somewhere else!
What I'm suggesting is instead of answering her calls of calling her often, just ignore her a bit.
Don't text her either for some days.
Don't make an appointment with her.
Don't hang in the same places you used to hang in.
A woman who miss you is a woman who loves you, by the way, this formula I've laid for you in this article is the same formula that will make her love you, the more available you become to her, the more she will keep from you, go ahead and read some very unique techniques to make her want you more in this article: how can I attract women?
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